GI Hospitalities is a part of Chennai based GI Retail Group, with business interests in Travel, Hospitality, Gaming industries. GI Hospitalities core focus will be on hotel content distribution to our B2B travel partner networks who will be able to service the leisure and business travelers.


converted to Bookers

Converting lookers into bookers is our site's primary job, yet so many hotel websites lack the necessary code and text content necessary to drive online reservations.



Yield management, is the process by which hotel inventory is managed and sold in order to maximize profits. Successful yield management focuses on selling the hotel room in such a manner that is timely, price competitive, and directed towards the right subset of customers. GI Robust backend enables a Hotel to maximize yield. 1) Dynamic Pricing 2) Inventory Management. 3) Seasonal Packages. 4) Define Length of Stay. 5) Last Minute Rate. 6) Various combination of promotions eg…last minute ; weekend ; early bird etc.



In the ten or so years since the Web became a widely used tool, it has turned into a multimedia environment. Many non-technical users have become familiar with following hyperlinks, scrolling to read text, clicking on images to enlarge them, seeing text and images animate, and even using VCR-like onscreen controls to play audio and video.



Goods and materials themselves, held available in stock by a business. This word is also used for a list of the contents of a household and for a list for testamentary purposes of the possessions of someone who has died. In accounting, inventory is considered an asset.



The hallmark of any web based booking system is the quality of response after the booking is generated. Not only does the GI HBE send a quality mail to the hotel and the customer but also generates a instant sms to the supplier and the customer.



We have a highly experienced in-house development team . We design your website based on your property's location and culture ; qualities and type, as well as your own vision and preferences. Our knowledge of online shopping behavior is translated into each hotel website design. A hotel website from GIHospitalities will: 1.represent the personality of your hotel/property 2.Easy Navigation 3.Engage visitors so they drool on your website 4.Convert visitors to bookers.



Hotels can sell the non room product eg: Car Services, Meals, city tours etc.


Corporate Login &
Agent Login

Hotels can add all their corporate customers / Travel Agents to Internet Booking Engine by creating a user id for them. This allows them to make best use of the inventory at the same time reduce human interference. A hotel can define different rates / discount policies to get better yield.



An easy to use hotel administration login module helps the hotels to create promotions or promotion codes. Our Internet Booking Engine allows you to add as many as 60 types of promotions to boost your sales and get more revenue.


Welcome to Gi Hospitalities

GI Hospitalities is focused on providing comprehensive and customized accommodation to customers cutting across large and SME companies, individuals, groups and incentives tours.

GI Hospitalities is fast creating a vast inventory of hotels, service apartments and unique ground travel products and services for our partners and customers.

We dream of creating an accommodation hyper mart which will involve creating a state of the art platform that can be used by our distribution channels to book hotels online.

Beside our own software products GI Hospitalities will also provide custom solutions using our enormous experience in software development and industry experience to our Hotel partners.

In the dynamic and highly competitive travel environment, our solutions and services will help hotel / service apartment partners, travel partners, distribution partners, corporate customers to optimize the use of IT for accessing information in real time, reduce communication costs, become more competitive improve resource efficiency and productivity to service their end customers.

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